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How it works

Use our Escrow Service through 3 steps.

  • Getting Started

    Seller create an account and proceeds with verification by providing KYC and a withhold agreement. Registered users save 0.25% on escrow fees and build their trust score to inspire confidence in future transactions.

  • Create Trade

    You can choose to buy or sell from the advertisement by users with high completion rate. A verified merchants who have digital assets as security deposit.

  • Complete Transaction

    Buyer proceeds with transfer of fiat and seller release coin from escrow on receipt of payment.

Get fully featured, Secure OTC Desk

Lumentrades is the leading digital currency company, established in 2014. We currently store over $3B of crypto assets on behalf of our customers.

The most trusted platform for trading cryptocurrency

Intuitive Experiences Designed For Any Trader

Institutional Trading Services

Gain access to advanced institutional trading capabilities which will be rolled out over the coming months. These include: margin finance, high-touch execution including OTC block trading, and execution algorithms. Access the central limit order book through the Web GUI.

Dedicated Institutional Coverage

A dedicated team of institutional coverage professionals based in New York City will guide you through the onboarding process, advise on execution strategies, and deliver best-in-class client services and support.

Trusted, Safe & Secure

Lumentrades legal, compliance, and market surveillance teams hail from diverse backgrounds including the CFTC and SEC, and work to ensure that Lumentrades remains a trusted and fair marketplace. Client digital currencies are stored in our proprietary state-of-the-art integrated custody architecture. Hot wallet assets are insured.

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